FAQs & Fiction

What does totes emosh mean? 

Totes emosh is an abbreviated form of totally emotional. If you were down with the kids, you'd know that, but what evs! 

Is it suitable for families with young children? 

Totes. Anyone who can pull a face can play. We suggest a minimum age of 5 years, but if you've got a face-pulling prodigy on your hands, let them play. 

Can I play on a video call?

Of course, as long as at least three people have a pack.

The player with the roundest head starts by shuffling their own pack, picking a card, and pulling the face on the card. Everyone else has to try to guess which face they’re pulling, using the Key Card to see the face numbers. Anyone can guess first, but once they have, they must shut up until everyone else has had a guess. No shouting “1, 2, 3, 4, 5...” you cheats. Whoever guesses right first, is next to pick a card and pull a face. The used cards go on a new pile. The winner is the first person to pull all the faces.

If the wind changes, will I be stuck with emoji-face? 

No you won't. This is pure fiction. 

Can we play it as a drinking game? 

Totes. BUT only if you're over 18. Students, especially freshers, find it's a great icebreaker. Please drink responsibly to avoid 🤢  

Is it a good party game? 

Totes. Three to seven people can play, so it's perfect for small parties or gatherings. Especially if you have a mix of kids and adults. 

My kids only like video games, why would they play this? 

Proper family time. Everyone can play together, from 5 year olds to grandparents. 

Is it a good icebreaker? 

It takes abut 30 seconds to learn how to play and everyone has to act the fool, so it's perfect for breaking down barriers. 

Will playing Totes Emosh give me wrinkles? 

Nah, wouldn't have thought so. 

Do you deliver outside the UK? 

We sure do, but please be aware that delivery costs will be slightly higher and orders can take up to 30 days to arrive. 

If I bulk buy more than 5 packs, can I get a bigger discount? 

If you want to buy a job lot of packs for party bags or you just have more grandchildren than you can wave a stick at, drop an email to lol@totesemosh.com and we'll do our best to sort you out.