Family Card Games That Inspired Totes Emosh

Having grown up in an era of new technologies and changing trends, it's easy to see why some of the games from our childhood haven’t stood the test of time. Since we were born, we've gone from creative playground games to mobile gaming in the blink of an eye (or a hop a skip and a jump). But it's nice to see that good old-fashioned family card games still have a place. If anything, the fact that they're retro, gives them an aura of cool as well as nostalgia.

Tech has brought a lot of benefits to society, but it can also make families and friends less sociable. With ever-increasing ‘screen times’, we've become more aware of the importance of social interaction. As the creators of Totes Emosh, our lives are pretty much dictated by technology; we need it to work, communicate and entertain ourselves. However, there will always be a special place for family card games and that's why we decided to come up with our own.

But, what inspired you? We hear you ask.

These beauties…

Top Trumps

It's played by people of all ages because it’s so easy to learn and there’s a variant to suit everyone from petrol-heads to Disney devotees. It inspired us develop Totes Emosh into a game that’s quick, fun and engaging… for everyone in the family.


Think of your three favourite games from childhood. Bet Uno was one of them. It was for us too. A little more complex than Top Trumps, but it offers hours of fun for two players or ten players. We wanted Totes Emosh a similar mantra: the more the merrier!


It’s a charades-type game which is what we wanted to create too. The difference is, that rather than guessing an image drawn by the contestant, you're guessing an emoji face which is being pulled. With Totes Emosh your face is your canvas.

If there are any family card games which you loved to play when you were younger, we'd love to hear about them. Click on any of the social links in footer to share your faves!



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