Face Yoga v Face pulling fun

In coming up with a succinct way to describe the emoji card game, Totes Emosh we explored a fair few options. In the end we plumped for ‘Charades for your face’ but ‘Yoga for your face’ was also in the mix. Turns out, it’s a thing. And, Face (or Facial) Yoga has some – tbf quite limited ­– scientific backing.   

Who knew, right? Well, it turns out Gywneth and Meghan are in on the secret. Neither of them are looking too shabby for 47 and 38 respectively, so maybe there’s something in it. And, it’s Totes free. Which is much, much cheaper than botox, face lifts and all that jazz. Marie Claire have been kind enough to put together a bit of a face workout, that may help with crow’s feet, loose neck skin, drooping eyebrows and more (it won’t do anything for my freakishly close-together eyes unfortunately).

Have a crack at that, but if you find it insanely boring, maybe a little game of Totes Emosh would be a better way to give your face a workout. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence that it will make you look any younger, so you’ll essentially be guinea pigs for my crazy experiment. BUT, you’ll have a lot of LOLs either way.

And, pulling crazy faces with all your family will make you feel younger, and that’s the most important thing. Maybe Gwyneth will (Cold)play a game with her kids and Meghan will give it a right royal go.

PS how spherical is Julius' head?? 



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